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The Journey - More About Us and Our Cannabis Accessories

Simplicity and elegance for those who value a modern, yet timeless style of living. It’s something that can only be found in goods made by hand: every detail thoughtfully considered and purposeful. Crafted with clean lines, fashioned out of materials that endure. It’s a contemporary cannabis experience – a ritual, for today and tomorrow.

We seek out thoughtful, enduring pieces from craftspeople. Made by hand on Canadian land, we bring you pieces that feel modern with simple design but not ephemeral aesthetic. Cannabis accessories that travel with you, sharing your history and continuing narrative. Pieces that age as well as you, acquiring a patina that reflects memories and quality. Pieces that appreciate, accruing value through experience. Pieces that become irreplaceable - like Mom’s leather bag; Dad’s canoe; Grandmother’s jewellery; Opa’s watch - heirlooms that are totems of your life.



Wabigoon Lake

In Northern Ontario, you learn to fend for yourself. My hometown of Dryden, Ontario has a few clothing stores and gift shops, two furniture stores, and a hardware store. If you couldn't get it in town, you'd wait until someone travelled to the city or made it yourself.


I learned to use a band saw, an upholstery gun, and a sewing machine. To bake bread and preserve jams. To hunt, drive a boat, build a quinzee, and clean fish. Above all, I learned to make my own adventures and paddle my own canoe.



 A happenstance meeting in Kensington Market became an opportunity to enter the cannabis industry. Sounded like fun, I dove right in. Who says no to weed? The past couple of years have been full of drama, excitement, and speculation about the future of our industry. 

Visiting the Colorado cannabis sceneI worked in a cannabis clinic and helped Grannies live better through their golden years, travelled to Colorado to speak with pioneers in the industry, and to Washington, DC to speak truth to power. When I decided I was ready for my next great adventure, it was time to bring it all together - craft and cannabis. 

Milkweed is about beautiful objects made by hand & made to last. Our accessories are built for adventure, whether it's hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, having some friends over for a backyard bbq, or curling up with a good read. We want to be your sidekick when you're doing what you do best.



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