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Niki Marie Groulx

Niki shapes a square tray

Niki Marie Groulx is a Canadian ceramic artist and designer making small batch handmade production pieces in her home studio. Niki and her husband are both makers and business partners - first they built up their contracting company together so that they could then buy a home in the country with enough room for Niki's ceramic studio... and some chickens, as you do. She was just starting to dream up some cannabis accessories when we introduced ourselves.

Working primarily in porcelain and stoneware, she makes functional and decorative ceramics with the hope of enriching and adding beauty to a person's everyday rituals. Niki's home and studio are an extension of the style she has developed: modern, clean, fresh palettes with little accents of personality and colour. 

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Niki's work in progress
"It takes time to develop your personal style and process."
- Niki Marie
Niki's inspiration and favourite work on display in her studio

Niki's pottery wheel