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Bellowing Timber

Dan stops to think at the work bench

Dan Shannon is obsessive with sandpaper - and that's what you want from your woodworker. That, and a knack for mid-century modern details. 
Entering the workshop space in Dan's home, the weight of his work hangs in the air. It's not sawdust, it's the studiousness that he puts into his craft. Dan recognizes the time and effort that went into the growth of each tree and this is reflected in the consideration and care he invests into each object he produces. 
On the journey from apprentice to master carpenter, Bellowing Timber was founded in 2015. Most of his lumber is sourced locally at a Hamilton sawmill, and all of the work is done by Dan. Cannabis accessories are a new adventure for him, but you'd hardly know it looking at the design features he has put into the work. The highly polished housewares have a knack for making your home instantly warmer and cozier. 
"Working away in my little shop, what drives me is the hope that these things that I make will speak to people in some way that makes their lives a little simpler and more beautiful." 
- Dan Shannon
Planer in Dan's woodshop