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Wouldn't It Be Nice...

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys

So what if you drive a Hyundai Elantra? Just put on those shades, crank up the jams, and sing along like you really mean it. This is a claaaaaassic road trip jam and sweet enough for the whole family to sing along. August is always about seizing the last of summer, so we're blasting out of this province and over to Wild Rose Country to check out the 55 odd dispensaries that Calgary boasts. Wouldn't it be nice, Ontario?
The Long Form - Great Canadian Road Trips

August means it's time to pack some friends and / or family in the car and get the heck outta dodge. We rounded up the quintessential scenic road trip that each province has to offer - just don't be silly and try to do it on a long weekend.

Alberta: Jasper to Banff
For most Canadians, hearing these two place names almost instantly sets you off into daydream territory. You have to go in July or August to get a photo of those stunning turquoise waters high in the rockies, so now is the time! We'd like to try Fleur in Jasper, if we make it there without getting sasquash'd while hunting the perfect Canadiana selfie.
British Columbia: Nanaimo to Tofino
You're in Big Lonely Doug country now. While the real Doug is a bit further south of this route, in the Cowichan Valley, there are still some magnificent giants to see along this journey. Stop in Parksville to build an epic sandcastle,  and definitely do not miss a wander through Cathedral Grove at MacMillan Provincial Park to practice some Shinrin-Yoku.  You'll be riding a wave of bliss into Tofino.
Manitoba: Bird's Hill to Pine Dock
The Winnipeg Folk Festival in Bird's Hill Provincial Park is an essential Manitoba experience - a cozy festival that's great for the whole family - rent a Volkswagen Westfalia camper van and pretend you're Joni Mitchell or Neil Young. Take a spin up the shore of Lake Winnipeg to  the hidden caves of Pine Dock, and stop at Winnipeg Beach to put your toes in the softest sand in the province.  if you're feeling really adventurous, you could go all the way up to Little Limestone Lake to see the colour-changing water: it's considered to be the largest 'marl' lake in the world, where calcite from the limestone causes the water to turn from turquoise to robin's egg blue as the temperature rises. Feel like you're in the Caribbean?
New Brunswick: The Tides Trip
Chase the tides along the south shore of New Brunswick, and see some of the oldest gathering places in Canada, starting with 'the ancient fireplace' of the Peskotomuhkati Nation and the town of Saint Andrews, and ending with an 'All Nations' Powwow at Fundy National Park. Not only is this route is infused with history with evidence of Indigenous culture from 7000 BC, colonial buildings from the 1700s, and antique stores galore, you can also walk along the ocean floor and and experience some of the largest tides in the world at the Hopewell Rocks.
Newfoundland: Fogo Island to Cape Spear
You'll want to plan ahead for Fogo Island Inn. This architectural  gem off the coast of Newfoundland features spectacular, uninterrupted views of the Atlantic and everything is carefully crafted on the island - from your suite's furniture to every bite of food. You can forage for berries and explore old fishing villages all the way down to St. John's, where you should stop for a walk around the candy-coloured houses before heading to Canada's most eastern point, Cape Spear. 
Nova Scotia: Cabot Trail Artisans
Take a drive around Cape Breton and you'll have the chance to see tradition and culture in action. Glass blowers, photographers, potters, jewelry makers,  woodwork, leather... there's something about the remoteness of this  place that invites artists to be inspired by the landscape, and the expanse of time from a simple living.  We recommend stopping by the Gaelic College in St. Ann's to watch the weavers and kilt makers in action.
Ontario: Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay
Ok, this is probably gonna be an unpopular opinion, but hear us out: sometimes you just want a road trip with nothing but road. This is that trip. Need to get away from it all? You won't even have cell service for at least a two hour portion of this drive. What you will have is amazing vistas of Lake Superior, on a winding road that seems built for car lovers. There are also several camping, hiking, fishing, and swimming areas that are part of a few different National and Provincial parks. Make sure to pack a picnic!
Prince Edward Island:  Tip-to-Tail
You'd probably be happy if you just devoted a couple days to road tripping the entire island, from one lobster dinner to the next - The Island is only about a four hour drive from tip-to-tail. However, there are some things you must check off the list: swim on a red sandy beach, visit the 'Bottle Houses' at Cap-Egmont, and the oldest lighthouse on the island at Point Prim where you'll get a great view of the Northumberland Straight.
Quebec: A River Runs Through It
The St. Lawrence River is a defining feature of the province,  from picnics on its banks in Montreal to whale watching near Trois-Pistoles, the river has many little pockets of culture to discover. You could easily jump in the car without a plan and hit a few cool things by accident. Like the best cheese curds you've ever had, from a gas station, or a 24h roadside fromagerie!  We really enjoyed taking a ferry across to the North shore to check out the fjords where the Saguenay meets the St. Lawrence - the ferry had to slow down to avoid a pod of Belugas.
This province is like a living painting through the car window. Anywhere you drive will be pretty, but there are a few points of interest along the Southern border of the province. We would start with a wander along through the historic Qu'Appelle Valley , make our way through the vast tracts of untouched grasslands in Grasslands National Park, and then finish on a high note in the Cypress Hills, which were untouched by glaciers in the last ice age and are the highest point between the Rockies and Labrador.
Happy Trails! We'd love your cannabis retail suggestions for the prairies! DM us or send an email.

- Emma & Carol
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