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What's Your Medium?

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - Video Killed the Radio Star by Buggles

Although the song was written in 1979 and became a hit that year in the UK, this record only started selling in the USA when MTV launched their channel with this track as the very first music video played in 1981. Producers knew MTV was gonna be a hit because the band was pretty much unknown in the US, but the initial target markets that received the MTV channel were buying up this record in the local stores. While you might not be playing CBC radio for most of your waking hours like your grandparents, we'd bet you might listen to a podcast now and then?
The Long Form - Busy hands and minds

Cute as a button and not at all squeamish of potential gross-o stuff, Alie Ward isn't afraid to ask smart people dumb questions. Her 'Ologies' podcast was a great discovery for us over the holiday break. As per one listener's review: "If Leslie Knope and Dr Johnson home schooled Anne of Green Gables until yesterday and then released her totally feral on an unsuspecting faculty lounge. And all of that was a compliment. Oh and she's goth." The show has the perfect mix of science and relatability, we laughed and learned through a few episodes without a thought of changing the channel. 

We like to think we run a similar practice around here. A bit of culture, a bit of science, a bit of a laugh. We built Milkweed for thoughtful people. Chefs, artists, innovators, adventurers, teachers, designers, those who are self-motivated to seek out new ideas and experiences.

So that's why I'm here this week to admit that I've been a little bit scared of a new idea. A new format, well, an old format, really. Radio, re-invented. The podcast. Not even a new thing, I know. 

It's not that I've never ever listened to a podcast in my life, but it's more like a nagging feeling that I've been seriously slacking on the podcasts. There are people with brilliant ideas pouring their hearts and minds out over the airwaves and I'm just over here listening to the cranes hoisting up the newest tower in the neighbourhood, the white noise of the city rolling by past my window. Some Netflix show I'm not even invested in is plodding on in the background as I putter around the house, tidying, cooking, watering the plants.

It seemed like a huge 'duh' moment when my sister fired up Ologies in the car on the way to the airport. We had been up to our elbows in activities over the last few days with our mum: making our own silkscreens; darning holes in wool mittens; sewing projects; felting; wood burning... We're a crafty bunch. I always vow to do more crafting on my own, but it seems like these days I've been frequently choosing the easier Netflix course of action at the end of a long day. Podcasting is the answer to my problem - recaps on world news and pop culture galore, minus the screen time (which often feels like it's taking over my life).

Podcasting often felt overwhelming because of the vastness of options. I've sought out podcasts on the essentials of certain subjects in the past, when internet searches weren't cutting the mustard, and have found the answers I was looking for - but now I want to approach the medium with more openness and freedom of mind. After all, I've caught myself scrolling endlessly through the tv options more than a few times - why not change the interface to shake things up?

I have a bunch of half-finished craft projects that I started over the break, and I'm determined to hold on to these rewarding, productive hobbies that allow me to flex my creative muscles in different ways. You can keep your fancy moving picture recommendations, give me a golden voiced teacher who can weave a story while I keep family traditions alive on my little apartment-sized loom.


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The News: Mais Non, Québec!

Quebec is raising the legal age of cannabis consumption from 18 to 21. Teens will just have to console themselves with alcohol, TOBACCO, and tanning beds. Here, wipe your eyes with the pages of the porn mag you legally purchased. You can get married when you're 16 if you want, but if you want to have a weed-friendly wedding, you'll have to wait until you're 21. 
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The Social Calendar
High Art

Take a few moments to put your work down and enjoy a little daydream fodder...

'In Bloom' by Han Cao

Nope, it's not the mushrooms... it's really there. A stitch in time...

Take the Bait 

Fanciful Nighttime Scenes by Nancy Liang

A combination of illustration, paper cutting and digital animation make beautiful tiny movies...

Take the Bait 

'ENOUGH' by Anna Montzaris

Two minutes and twenty-two seconds of relatability.

Take the Bait 
Paddle your own canoe.

- Emma
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