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What's Old Is New Again

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - Stand By Me by Ben E. King

'A Classic' is sort of an understatement when it comes to this gospel tune, which has appeared on the US Hot 100 list nine times under various artists. Cassius Clay - aka Muhammad Ali - even put out a version of this track, released after his victory as the heavyweight champ of the world. In an interview in Spinner UK, Mr. King reports that he's delighted so many people have related to the song and made it their own. The perfect track for this week's newsletter: we're talking about making the classics your own.
The Long Form - What's Old Is New Again

Happy Legalization 2.0 Day! A day of mixed blessings: at last, some of our favourite cannabis preparations will be available for purchase in legal retail stores; but alas, we won't be able to get our grubby little paws on them until late December or early January. Many are celebrating this day with parties, PR, and product launches - so like the contrarians we are - we're proud to announce that we have nothing new.

Hear us out... we're not curmudgeons. Our true motivation behind offering a small catalog of refined pieces is the desire to limit the mindless consumption of the latest trends. We want to offer you products that are timeless: we want you to appreciate your treasures in 20 years as much as you do now. Like an Eames chair, a huanghuali table from the Ming Dynasty, a string of pearls, or your grandfather's watch, the classics never go out of style.

We know you think you'll love that Pickle Rick rolling tray forever, but might we kindly suggest that you stop lying to yourself. Think about it - if you get the chance to experience that magic moment when a parent, grandparent, boss, or other person of influence in your life decides to they're in the mood to light one up with you, do you really want to pull out an image of a cartoon character that reinforces all of their pre-conceived stereotypes? 

 Stigma is a small part of our case - ultimately we believe there should be aesthetic choices for everyone, in all sorts of flavours. Style is personality, not hierarchy. Ultimately, it's sustainability that we're really after. Decorate your stash gear however you wish, just try to think about who made it and whether they had fair working conditions, based on the price of the object and country of origin. Well-made, fair-trade objects never go out of style.
The News

You may have heard of CannTrust? They're a licensed producer who started growing cannabis in new rooms that they added on to their facility, before Health Canada gave them the go-ahead to do so. This week we finally got the verdict on their punishment from Health Canada: you'll have to destroy $77 million of your cannabis if you want your license back. Reliably, Twitter provided a few interesting thinking points on the matter: 
1. Do they get to claim this destruction of inventory as a tax credit?
2. Is 'destruction of inventory' new slang for 'safety meeting'?
The Social Calendar
Hope you enjoy National 'Bake Your Own Edibles' day. Word to the wise - measure out your ingredients before you puff on a celebretory joint.

- Emma & Carol
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