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The Yearbook

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - Time of Your Life by Green Day

Yes, it's that kinda cheesy high school graduation ballad. With schools coming to a close and ceremonies underway across the country, the end of June tends to be a moment of reflection on our lives and our community. Whether there's school in your life or not, it's nice to take a moment to celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months. There have been many changes to the world of cannabis in Canada - and we've certainly had the time of our lives with the privilege of living here and now. With the new set of regulations about to drop, this song is a great reminder that whatever happens - we hope you have the time of your life.

The Yearbook

School's almost out for summer - so we thought it might be nice to take a look at some accomplishments (and antics) since Canadian legalization last fall. Here are some fine folks who are doing great  things:


Dr. Jenna Valleriani - Model UN

Founded Hope For Health, a charity that aims to provide a monthly cannabis stipend for qualified registered patients.

Appointed to the position of CEO with NICHE this February, educating and developing relationships with leaders in government.

Actual last name = Bobenna

Voted biggest dreamer

Farrell Miller - Captain of the Debate Team

Legal advisor to licensed producers and applicants

Started her own industrial hemp grow and gave it a very lawyery name: Seed & Stalk (The two legal products you can use from hemp)

Can kick it on a half pipe and on the bong

Voted most likely to quietly take over the world

Tyler James - Prom & Pep Rally Committee

Stake-holder engagement manager at Aurora Cannabis a.k.a. the guy who makes sure that all the voices have a chance to be heard.

That voice over the megaphone at all the big games who hypes everyone up, chanting “EXPUNGEMENTS, NOT PARDONS

Voted most likely to succeed

Andrew Nunez-Alvarez - Student Council President

Founded Horticultural society for students at Durham College, while also working as the Director of the Centre for Food and acting as Managing Director for the Durham College Students Inc.

You might see him volunteering at the latest industry event, or as @Plantstagramniagara 

Voted biggest over-achiever

Annie MacEacherb - Cheer Captain

PEI native repping the East-side in Toronto, always ready to have a good ol’ fashioned kitchen racket

Always has the good word on the street - music, fashion, art - she's a cannabis culture vulture.

Most likely to be famous on Instagram - both for her management of the social channels at The Supreme Cannabis Company, and her own amazing personal content @_canniebis

Adam Greenblatt - Morning Announcements

Part government relations, part political pundit, always has the hot take on the news. (Evidence here, here, and here.)

Co-founder of Santé Cannabis and Business Development at Canopy.

Voted most likely to lead a protest

The News

So, you may have heard that the oldest evidence of combusted cannabis was found in China this week. We took our reading all the way back to the published findings in Science Advances, and were delighted to find this quote from the researchers, who paraphrase Snoop Dogg (No stress, no stems, no seeds, no sticks! Some of that real sticky icky. ) :

“It is possible that high-elevation populations of a naturally higher THC–producing variety were recognized and targeted by people in the Pamir region, possibly even explaining the prominence of ritual sites in the high mountains. Moreover, the content of THC also varies across plant parts, decreasing from the bract, flower, leave, stem, root, and seed in turn (10, 23). The lack of seeds in the burners may suggest that nonfloral plant parts were burned, or it may suggest that seeds were removed from the floral structures because they do not contain the desired secondary compounds.” 


The Social Calendar - PRIDE Across Canada Edition
P.S. - 'Straight Pride' = facepalm
We could start in on some Dr. Seuss 'Oh the Places You'll Go' rhymes, but that would be graduation overkill?  We'll just sign off in the classic yearbook style - 

Have a great summer!

- Emma & Carol
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