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The Food Forecast

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix

Believe it or not, this was Jimi's only top 40 hit in the US.  Nevertheless, he had massive influence on American culture. Originally written by Bob Dylan, this was a cover that Dylan not only endorsed, but he ended up playing the song in Hendrix's style for quite a few years after the cover was released, a little heavier rocking than the original. Let's hope the same for cannabis 2.0 - that the cover version can sometimes improve on the original.
The Long Form - The Cannabis Food Forecast (It's cloudy but no chance of meatballs - yet!)

With just over a month left to go before the first approved edibles start hitting retail shelves, we're starting to get really curious about what we might find behind the childproof packaging and THC warning symbols.

In this issue, we're doing a round-up of some of the interesting products that producers have been teasing out over the last few months. Will you be able to purchase them as Christmas gifts? Only time will tell... (we'd encourage you to have a backup plan!). 
Flow Glow is the brainchild of Hexo, Molson Coors, and Flow Water. A  CBD water with flavour combos like raspberry + lemon and goji + grapefruit that are sweetened with Agave, this drink seems to be aimed at the wellness / self-care crowd. Everyone (ok, maybe just the media) is asking if Molson will be putting out a cannabinoid 'beer' beverage, but according to their research, it's not something consumers actually want. With a name that feels like they're pandering to Gwyneth Paltrow wannabes, we're really interested to see if this will be a hit or miss with Canadians. On the other hand, we do have to praise Flow for being the only product we've seen with both minimal and recyclable packaging.
Cannabis Crunch is a product we can actually sort-of vouch for, having tried the non-infused version at the 2018 Green Living Show in Toronto. Now, we're decidedly biased on the sweets front, so these toffee-chocolate-nut squares are right up our alley, especially with interesting flavour combos like cinnamon & peach. One hang-up though: we haven't heard anything about this brand of edibles for over a year. The last news coverage was written on November 11, 2018. Fingers crossed that this product makes it through the Health Canada approval gauntlet, as it's something we'd definitely buy for ourselves or as a gift for mom.
Edison Bytes are the most sophisticated product we've had the pleasure of trying from the Canadian market. Organigram has invested in making an exceptionally high-quality chocolate by partnering with experts who have done extensive research. While that may seem like we're regurgitating marketing speak - we were actually really impressed that they are working with a cacao group out of Tunisia - they went right to the source! We had the chance to chat with Chocolatier Ginette Ahier, formerly of Adorable Chocolat in Shediac, NB, who told us about their process in selecting a chocolate varietal that would blend best with the flavour profiles of cannabis. This is an edible with provenance, suitable for gifting to your WASPiest Aunt Sharon.

Heritage Hashish by Marley Naturals  is one of the more recognizable cannabis products that will be part of cannabis 2.0. Consumers of yore may remember the 'Hippy Hash Trail' of the 1970s - when hippies started to road trip from Istanbul to India to taste all of the local cannabis delicacies - and bring them back to the UK or North America for their friends to enjoy. It will be nice to be able to treat ourselves to some hash - and it might just be the perfect stocking stuffer for Dad. Throw in a Hendrix album and pops won't be leaving the heated garage until springtime.
Oral Film by Tilray is definitely the most... unique name for a cannabis edible we've seen to date. This product represents the 'over-the-counter' category that we're sure to see a lot, a pharmaceutical available to both the medical and recreational markets. Press releases focus on the science and precision of the dosing, and the years of research that go into the product. While customer education and trust go a long way... we're hoping the scientists hand it over to the branding team soon to come up with something better than 'film', which is never something we want in our mouths.
The News

‘We are on the front lines of a very unique war’: NOTL solicits feedback for cannabis bylaw

Perhaps not news if you have ever visited Niagara-on-the-Lake, but it could possibly be one of the stodgiest, privileged capitals of NIMBYism in Canada. Case in point
 "Cannabis production is not compatible with our town's present or future. It will absolutely change the fabric of our community and it will change the fabric in a way that's going to be absolutely deleterious."
The licensed producer bearing the brunt of these concerns has tried six different air filtration systems and yet the townspeople remain unhappy, with "roughly 40 concerned residents prepared to assist city council" in fighting the government and the industry on a bylaw with stricter air filtration regulations. Funnily enough, last year NOTL was voted the friendliest city in Canada by Expedia.
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