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Sing-A-Longs Around the Bong?

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - We Are Family by Sister Sledge

"Living life is fun and we've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
(HIGH!) high hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight"

Sister Sledge - Music for jamming in the kitchen while making a feast, hip-bumping Aunt Joan while you do the mashed potato.
The Long Form - Passover, Easter, & 4/20 - Introducing cannabis to family gatherings

Were you as blown away as we were with the brief history of cosmetics from last week’s newsletter? We still have a lot to say about cannabis topicals, but we’re taking a little holiday break this week to look at family traditions and cannabis. Our guess is that everyone reading this week is celebrating at least one holiday, between Easter, Passover, and 4/20.


Whatever your religion - we like to envision a future where everyone can break CBD-bread together. While it may seem like stirring the pot to bring up the subject at a gathering, we’ll hazard a bet that at least one of your family members will have a response that will surprise you - And what makes better conversation than Aunt Sharon’s wild revelation that she’s been growing her own fire since the 70’s?!


In the spirit of gathering the family around the communal pot, here are some subtle ways you can start incorporating cannabis into your holiday. First though, let’s get this out of the way: there’s nothing funny about spiking the holiday dessert with weed. No matter how small the dose may seem, we all have different tolerance levels - and don’t forget about your cousin’s sweet tooth…

If Easter is your thing, it usually involves chocolate, colourful eggs, and scavenger hunts… so not much of a stretch to add a little cannabis! Take it up a notch from the brownies of yore and make a chocolate torte or mousse. For a totally easy solution to the ‘to infuse or not to infuse’ question, you could do a couple of chocolate boards for dessert: one with chocolate from different parts of the world; the other with chocolate that will take you to otherworldly places.


For the eggs, maybe you’ll be inspired by our creative botanical choices below - your Gran / Nonna / Bubbee is guaranteed to be impressed by your crafty ways.

If you’re curious about how modern Judaism is incorporating cannabis into Passover, us gentiles found ‘A Very Unorthodox Passover’ podcast very interesting. Although it’s been awhile since we’ve been to church, we’re pretty sure that beyond easy jokes about the ‘High Holidays’, Judaism seems to be far more comfortable with weed. Exhibit A: this fun article from Forward where the general reaction from the Rabbis interviewed is: “Gee, talking about cannabis hadn’t crossed our minds, but good idea!”. Luckily for Canadians, we’ve got a licensed producer with Kosher certified cannabis.


Maybe this long weekend is just a time for you to finally enjoy some weather that doesn’t hurt your face. You might celebrate 420 at one of the many events that are no doubt happening in your province’s capital city - or maybe just find your own space and enjoy all the new plant life coming up in your nearby park.

The News

In the spirit of talking cannabis around the family dinner table, you might start off by mentioning this bit from Global News, published a few days ago. Legal purchases of weed are growing amongst Baby Boomers, who have the extra cash to pony up for dispensary prices and are expressing a desire for a safely regulated product. 
The Social Calendar
  • Toronto: O'Cannabis Conference & Expo - Catch us talking about topicals on Saturday's stage! - April 25 - 27th.
  • Vancouver: Learn to Grow your Own Cannabis - at Blyssful ALCHEMY - Wednesday, April 24th
  • Halifax: Leaf Forward May Meetup - Talk with Premier Darrell Dexter about how legalization is going - Thursday, May 2nd, 2019.
Happy Spring, above all else! Hoping you find yourself outside this weekend, and that - just maybe! - you'll be able to put away your winter coat.

- Emma & Carol
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