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Rumour Has It

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - Big Spender by Shirley Bassey

You probably know this tune, but have you ever watched the epic dance scene from 'Sweet Charity'? It's all show business, baby, and it's a treat. It was the showgirls in the scene (Paula Kelly & Chita Rivera) who actually sung the song in the musical, but Bassey later took it to #21 on the charts. No pressure to blow out the bank, but if you do have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, we have some lovely locally made goods for you, this Sunday...
The Long Form - Burn on Return

     Listening to CBC radio on the way in to work this morning, I learned that most of the things one returns from online shopping are incinerated. You ordered a medium and a large, because you weren't sure which size, so you return the large. They burn it.

There are a couple of reasons that retailers discard returned items. It might "de-value" their brand to send left-overs or last season's items to re-sellers or charities. It can cost brands more in labour than what the item is 'worth' to them to decide if the item is worth re-selling, and to re-press and re-package it. 

It makes sense that online shopping has taken off in Canada, with our small population spread out over a huge land mass. For many Canadians it would take a couple hours drive or more to a city centre that carries the item they seek. When shopping online, especially for clothing, look for companies that are part of the circular economy, repairing items and doing their best to get products back on the market when they're returned by customers. 

Our best piece of shopping wisdom for mid-December is to buy local. Yes, you have to leave your home, but we tend to underestimate the amount stress caused by waiting for the Canada Post delivery app to update your parcel shipment details. Imagine, instead, browsing a cozy shop with hot chocolate in hand, having a conversation with the shop owner or fellow shoppers about the movie you saw last week, or ideas for an upcoming potluck. You're allowed to slow down and enjoy the process.

If you're looking for some cannabis accessory gifts, we'd love to help you out. If you're in Toronto on Sunday, swing by our pop-up, details above. If not, check out some Canadian-made gift ideas in a city near you...
Roselle Caramels 
One of Toronto's best pastry shops, fight me. Roselle has recently expanded to a second location in the West end with their modern takes on classic french delights. A very special gift for your friend / family member with a sweet tooth, these caramels are made with Stirling butter and real fruit purées.
Cabin Journal 
Originally launched as a magazine that celebrates young makers in Canada, Cabin Journal's graphics are so delightful that people want to frame them, so they expanded out into stationary and art. People need more art in their lives, give them the gift of art.
Wild Roots & Co.
These cotton flannel towels are the perfect eco solution to paper towels. They get more absorbent with each wash, and stick to each other on the roll so that they're easy to keep tidy and ready for action.
The Happiest Collection
Looking on the bright side is an important skill to possess. Let your clothing do the heavy lifting for you, and remind you what life's all about. Whether you're happiest après-ski, with your books, eating pizza, at home, or in the mountains, there's a shirt for you.
Locally made pottery is still appreciated and celebrated in Québec, which means there's a great variety of makers and styles. Meet a few or make some pieces of your own at Gaia Atelier: Boutique de Ceramique.
La Papeterie St-Armand
Look no further for the stationary lover or artist in your life, what's lovelier than handmade paper for drawing or writing?
Steve Wallin 
'Objects for the home and life in general', Steve makes beautiful furniture that's simple and functional, with attention to detail. We swooned over pretty much everything on his website, plus he makes custom pieces.

Amos Pewter
Halifax / Charlottetown
Hand-finished pewter tableware, ornaments, jewellery, and home objects since 1974, you're sure to find something here that you can't find anywhere else. 
Culture Kefir Co.
Looking for something for that tough-to-buy-for person? Think outside of the box with a biweekly order of Kombucha - you can set them up with a recurring order for as often and as long as you like on spud.ca
Russell Hackney Ceramics
One of our Milkweed makers, Russell creates timeless pieces that you'll love forever, in both modern and decorative styles. The dye colours are all very natural, inspired by the colours of Bowen Island.
We'll bet you'll never have thought of this gift idea in a million years: a deer antler ring, perhaps for the hunter or taxidermist in your life.
Justine Marie
You might find an artist-made bag to gift someone, or sign them up for a workshop to make their own gorgeous creation at Justine Marie Studios.
The News: Rumour has it...

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