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Jamaica No Problem

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - Blood Money by Protoje

We were super lucky to catch a live Protoje concert in Jamaica back at the start of May, as part of the Tmrw.Tday festival with Irie Selkirk and Dr. Darryl Hudson. There's a lot to learn about every corner of the world, and the chain of Caribbean islands is no exception. There's no better way to learn than immersion, and we're grateful we got the opportunity to tour, listen, taste, smell, imbibe, wine, splash, and unwind.
This track was a big mood at the show. Have a listen and get a feel for the politics from a local voice. 
The Long Form - Weed around the World

We talk a lot about how there's still so much to know about cannabis. As the world turns and the slow trickle of legalization spreads across the map, a favourite topic of both yesterday, today - and we'll go ahead and assume for generations to come: Where in the world is Cannabis el mejor fuego? (Yes, that was a play on Carmen Sandiego.)

In the legacy market, a.k.a. the 'black market', we got used to hearing from every supplier that what we were getting was 'the best shit'. You just had to trust, right? And if you found something you liked, you bought more of it before it was gone.

Funnily enough, it doesn't feel like much has changed with the medical or recreational suppliers in Canada since the introduction of licensed producers. While we may be a little more sure about which genetics we've ordered, there's no guarantee you'll see your current favourite varietal again.

Let's say that you discover a new producer is putting out the *Super Rainbow Prism Kush* that you loved so much last year and couldn't find again. Huzzah! - but, will it affect you the same way? Not necessarily! And there are a few reasons why...

Let's start from the bottom. Terroir affects epigenetics. That's a snooty-sounding French word you'd normally associate with wine, sandwiched with a highly-scientific sounding word that sounds like we're about to school you. Let's break it down: basically, soil and climate dictate the types of plant life that can survive and flourish in an ecosystem. 'God Bud' grown in the Kootenays is not equal to 'God Bud' grown on P.E.I. The same genetics express themselves very differently based on location, amongst other factors.

This has interesting consequences as cannabis expands to a global scale - it's easy to see how cannabis compares easily to wine as a dynamic agricultural product. We look forward to trying landrace strains that are once again permitted to be grown in their original areas of development: Lamb's bread from Jamaica; Hindu Kush from the Middle east; Swazi-Gold from South-Central Africa.

Now the flip side of the global cannabis expansion is that small local players who have kept the genetics alive are having a hard time competing against the rapidly growing multi-national powers that have enjoyed a head-start with legislation in Canada and the United States. Countries like Jamaica are worried about foreign investors taking over their land and business opportunities: "the continuation of slavery and colonialism from and economic point of view..." Money is power and foreign capital far outweighs local resources. 

It's a reminder that if you value local, fair-trade products, it's important to continue to do a little research on the cannabis companies from whom you choose to buy.  Without collaboration, the world would have a boring stash - and we like flavour.

Bee sting in Jamaica? Rub some weed on it.
The News

Remember when someone accidentally leaked that Aurora and Coca-Cola were having meetings? (We can't be the only ones who wish that People Magazine would do a special cannabis gossip edition?!)  Looks like Coca-Cola is still looking to sweeten their portfolio with some cannabis - This week,  heir to Europe's largest bottling plant was caught flying in to St. Kitts with 5,000 clones, like NBD. Except it was a big deal. Alki David says he was there to "develop legal cannabis businesses in the region”, but the PM's office says "Non-nationals would not be permitted to secure advantages over nationals as we set about to build out a marijuana industry...". This doesn't feel like teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony... So... is it the real thing? or no?
The Social Calendar
  • Vancouver: DIY Rolling Workshop with Rox. C. Rolla at Blyssful Productions - Friday, May 17
  • London, UK: The London Cannabis Film Festival  in Shoreditch, East London - Sunday, July 28 
  • New York, NY: Cooties Zine presents: Ladies of Growth Zine Release Party - Saturday, June 22
Does your favourite strain have an awesome origin mythos? We'd love to hear about it. Does your home country grow 'the best shiz'? We wanna hear about that too. Does your grandma have the secret to the prettiest colas you ever did see? You better believe we wanna hear about it.

- Emma & Carol
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