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Hibernating like it's your j-o-b

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the week

‘Funky Stew’ by Bobby Cole. Don’t underestimate the power of a good disco funk playlist to turn your dinner prep into a kitchen racket. Music will help you get into the groove, moving around the kitchen like a pro. Bobby Cole was the arranger for the Judy Garland Show, he recorded for Columbia Records, and he was a long-time member of the house band at Frank Sinatra’s watering hole, ‘Jilly’s’. Get funky wit it!
Snow shovel

Weather the storm

February is a month for honing your storm-weathering skills, which can certainly include hibernating inside and plotting and scheming future outdoor adventures.

One flick that might get your juices flowing is Free Solo, a cinematic path to living vicariously through Alex Honnold’s climbing adventures. The only time you might catch us on the side of a mountain without a rope is if this movie is remade for VR.

If you’ve seen Free Solo already and are ready to get out into the back country yourself but the car is snowed in, we recommend adding Meru (from the same pair of directors) to your watchlist. It’s the tale of an intrepid climbing trio that sets out to complete the first ever ascent up the Shark’s Fin route to Meru Peak in the Himalayas. The cinematography is breathtaking, the suspense is real.

If you’re into a slightly less adrenaline-fuelled outdoor pursuit, check out Bill Mason’s Song of the Paddle courtesy of the NFB. Learning to canoe is a quintessential Canadian experience, and Mason and his family excel at it in the late 1970s, camping in the wilderness and handling every adventure the landscape presents to them in a reflective homage to the great outdoors.

Couple watching tv

Dinner and a movie at home

The Cineplex movie experience doesn’t allow for vaping, so…. why not recreate the experience at home? We’re partial to a little cheese plate with all the dried fruit, olive, and red pepper jelly fixins’, but if you want to make it more of a meal, plan on a squash soup and you’ll have time to make the living room cozy while your veg roasts in the oven.

If you want to take it up a notch, check out this baked camembert. It’s hard to know how this delicious and easy way to elevate your supermarket camembert fell out of favour. It’s delicious, it’s easy to make and who doesn’t love melty cheese? Serve it with the random assortment of olives and pickles living at the back of your fridge and your life just got a lot more fancy. Home cooking doesn’t have to be about extravagant preparations, and in fact can be more enjoyable as a simple, delicious pleasure with a drizzle & sprinkle of quality ingredients on top.

Winter is a time for recharging and introspection , whether it's a movie or digging to the bottom of the data that drives us crazy, like the next bit...

Newfoundland is winning

Newfoundland is buying more (legal) weed per person and leading the country in successful cannabis retail “thanks to a large store network including Canopy Growth and Loblaws private stores,” according to a Seeking Alpha article by contributor Jon Cooper.

In other news, Galen Weston will soon control all of your consumer retail choices outside of clothing. Just kidding, kinda.

Interestingly, almost all of Newfoundland’s sales were made at retail stores, despite the province also having an online ordering option.

Meanwhile Ontario is languishing at the bottom of this consumption data, as we patiently order from limited choices and wait days for the postman.

We agree with the Seeking Alpha writer’s conclusion that more retail locations leads to more sales, and argue for access to cannabis regardless of location. More stores in more communities enables quicker and deeper acceptance. If the shifting tide doesn’t reach everyone at roughly the same time, patchy acclimation to the new world will result.

The Social Calendar

With all the freezing rain yesterday, the Ellementa talk at MOCA about Nikki Furrer’s new book, ‘A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis’ was postponed until next month. Find tickets on Eventbrite for March 6th.

There are a bunch of other interesting events on the cannabis calendar this month, including;

If you know of any other upcoming events that deserve to grace these hallowed screens, drop us a line and let us know!

Until next time,

Emma and Carolina

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