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Everybody's Looking for Something

Posted by Carolina Landolt-Marticorena on

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Song of the week

'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)' by the Eurythmics. Because you're gonna need a sweet upbeat groove to really absorb all that vitamin D from your seasonal affective disorder lamp.
Palm trees

California Dreamin’

OK, so last time we mentioned cannabis in California it was to point out the problems the Golden State has had in its first year of legal weed.

But we’ve also got to give credit where it’s due, and we applaud the state’s move to allow home deliveries statewide, which should go some way to alleviating the frustrations of cannabis consumers living in parts of the state where local authorities have either blocked retail operations or not got around to creating rules to allow legal trade.

In one of the few places in North America where you could walk to the cannabis store any time of year without freezing your ears off, they now have delivery. Yes, we’re salty about this. We want the same delivery person bringing us our Green Goddess bowl from Fresh and a few grams of cannabis when it’s -20 in Toronto. Is that too much to ask?

Airport security

On our way to Vancouver last week, one of Emma’s bags was sorted on to the extra screening conveyor belt - for the dreaded airport search. They went through the bag, digging for something large and metal. Finally the agent dug out my stash bag, moving aside containers of cannabis (!) to get to my Krush grinder. ‘That’s my grinder’, I said, unnecessarily. The agent opened the chamber and gave me a nod. ‘All good’, she said, ‘move along’. What a brave new world.

Winning the lottery

Meanwhile back in Ontario, several handfuls of lucky lottery winners are naming their prize right now.

With the provincial government only making 25 licenses available initially and selecting winners by a random pick from all applicants, those that won the lottery are asking for up to $7 million from retailers or licensed producers looking to team up, lawyers involved in the process told BNN Bloomberg.

We would love to know if anyone with no direct role in the industry (except for perhaps as a consumer) managed to fill in the application form and walk away with a provisional license.

Plant journal update

Uh-oh! I thought I had the fly mites from my palm tree under control, but I moved my cannabis clones too close to my other house plants and now they're under attack too! Luckily, I'm friends with Dr. Darryl Hudson, one of Canada's leading molecular biologists and geneticists in the field of cannabis. His advice? Create a bleach or hydrogen peroxide bath at a 10% concentration, and dunk your plants right to the soil surface to kill those jerk bugs. You'll want to do it the day after watering (important timing so that the soil isn't too wet or dry - ensuring it stays put when you turn your plant upside down) Hard to capture the microscopic pests on camera, but as you can see, my little bebe isn't very happy at the moment.

Til next time,

Emma and Carolina

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