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Cookie Swap

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl by Nina Simone

An afternoon in the kitchen with a great jazz playlist is one of our ideas of heaven, and obviously this sweet tune has to be on it. 'C'mon, save my soul', as Nina sings. While we wait for freshly legalized edible delights to come out of the regulatory oven, we're proposing you celebrate the moment with your own homemade treats, both infused and regular. 
The Long Form - Cookie Swap

Just like home cooking from scratch, the Northern White Rhino, and listening to voicemail messages, DIY edibles might soon go the way of the dinosaur. Just like cannabis flowers on shelves, popularity of legal edibles will depend on quality. The big difference though, between bud and batter, is convenience: it's certainly easier to pick up a cookie from a dispensary than to get out the mixing bowls. With mass produced edibles about to hit shelves across the country, we'd like to take this holiday season to honour cannabis delicacies with a good old fashioned cookie swap.

Sorry, what? You've NEVER heard of a cookie swap? This centuries-old tradition is about showing off your baking game and also a great way to have an assortment of treats for holiday visits without having to plan and execute a bunch of different recipes. The rules are simple: for each participant who commits, everyone bakes a dozen cookies, plus an extra dozen for tasting at the party. Eight guests would mean that every person should bring 9 dozen cookies to share. If you're all bringing cannabis cookies, you may want to bake less per person. It could be nice to have a mix of both infused and regular cookies.

We've thumbed through Grandma's (and our friends') recipe folders and found some classics, in the hopes of inspiring you to get baked with your kitchen witch friends. Since you'll be serving these up to people other than just yourself, be sure to measure and calculate everything twice. Safety first, people need to know exactly what dose they're taking. If you're hosting the swap, it wouldn't hurt to print out your own THC warning sticker for everyone to use when boxing up their take-home goodies.

Mahjoun - from Vice's Bong Appetit
These little hash treats are most likely the oldest cannabis cookie recipe in humanity's collective book. Made by Berbers over 1,000 years ago, these are surprisingly similar to the 'raw energy bites' that are most likely being served up at the hipster espresso joint in your neighbourhood. BE CAREFUL with hash: a little goes a long, long way.

Grandma's Peanut Butter Cookies - from Cooking with Laurie & MaryJane
As much as firecrackers (the most basic edible around) are a DIY cannabis staple, they'll just never have that wow factor for presentation at a cookie swap. Peanut butter cookies are a slightly more sophisticated version of this flavour profile. If you wanted to get fancy, you could always put a little thumbprint of jam or nutella in the middle of these cookies.

Gingerbread People - from Taste of Home
With classic spiced holiday flavour, these snappy cookies have big flavour to mask the grassiness you may not be fond of in your edibles. We like to double down on the spices to add a bit more zing. This recipe has been a family favourite and adapted really well to cannabis - just substitute some or all of the butter for cannabutter and Bob's gonna be your favourite uncle after eating one of these cookies.
Sometimes it's fun to throw a twist into the mix, and these can be a nice break from all of the sugar around the table. Another great full-flavoured cookie that embraces the herbal notes of your cannabis and makes them work to your advantage. Again, the recipe wasn't created with cannabis in mind, but you can easily substitute cannabutter for the butter called-for in the ingredients. Savoury shortbread always make us feel really fancy.

Coconut Macaroons - from Once Upon a Spoon
A classic contribution to the Christmas cookie line-up, the coconut macaroon has been casually gluten-free without advertising it since 1956. The perfect macaroon is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. This recipe has no butter, as it uses the fat from condensed milk, so the easiest way to incorporate cannabis could be with an infused chocolate drizzle on top. We'd recommend you drizzle carefully with a measuring spoon!

Lemon Haze Poppyseed Cookies - from Cannabis Cheri
A citrus flavoured cookie adds diversity to the cookie lineup, otherwise you might have death by chocolate on your hands. It makes sense to match your cookie flavours to one of the most common cannabis terpenes around: limonene. We wouldn't necessarily recommend a sandwich cookie to a first-time cookie swap participant, but if you're a skilled baker with time on your hands, these are sure to impress.
The News

In a nice little-tie in to our cookie swap above, the news in Canadian cannabis this week is about Grandma, and how her peers been jumping on the bandwagon faster than your friends. While consumption is less common for Canadians over 65 than in other age groups, the rate of consumers has grown by 25% since legalization, whereas in the 25-44 age category, it has only risen 10%. A significant proportion of seniors are using cannabis for medical and wellness reasons, unsurprisingly. You should definitely invite Grandma to the swap, just prepare to be defeated in the unspoken contest for best cookie. 
The Social Calendar
  • Toronto, ON: Cannabis Body Butter Workshop by BCCL, A Cori initiative at Mid Century Loft on Thursday, November 21st from 6:30 - 8:30pm
  • Kitchener, ON: Cannabis Yoga by Yoga at the Gallery at 154 Victoria St. S. on Wednesday November 6th from 7 - 8:30pm
  • Vancouver, BC: Grading Cannabis Quality Workshop by Cannareps at The Network Hub on Thursday, November 7th from 6 - 8:00pm
  • Calgary, AB: How to Roll A Joint by Hemp Roots and Gizeh at Hemp Roots Mongomery on Saturday, November 16th from 6 - 8:30pm
We always love your feedback. This week's question: What's on your cannabis accessory wish list this year? Send us a letter, maybe Santa will be good to you.

Keep your stick on the ice,

- Emma & Carol
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