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Blazed and Emblazoned

Posted by Emma Baron on

Song of the Week - Short Skirt / Long Jacket by Cake

This is the song we'd use to strut down a catwalk, while puffing on a joint, shaking our very un-sample-size booties. Get ready, future, here we come.
The Long Form - Sustainability Crosses Over

Cannabis has been riding on luxury fashion's coattails for a few years now, creeping up the hemline and lining the pockets of well-heeled social connectors, emblazoned on the panels of everything from resort wear to three-piece suits. Meanwhile, cannabis has also been creeping in to the VIP swag bags for fashion show attendants in a growing variety of forms and flavours.

The addition of cannabis, whether as a design motif or as a swag item, was shocking enough on its own to turn heads. As risqué as the fashion industry can be, it turns out all those swag items were mostly CBD. Now that's about to change.

This spring, fashion and weed are about to make the union official: M Missoni is giving away Pure Beauty THC pre-rolls in their LA fashion show gift bags. It's not just about the cannabinoids though, the newly re-launched lower price line from the Missoni house decided to work with California brand Pure Beauty cannabis because they share sustainability as a value.

Now that everyone is (almost) over the shock and awe, we're personally very excited to start seeing more focused and aligned collaborations between cannabis brands and the rest of the world. A window to Pure Beauty's sustainability efforts is their mantra: "It's a farmers' market, not a supermarket." They change up their varietals often, which keeps their soil a little bit healthier, and use natural bug solutions like ladybugs and roly-polies. They've also created a line of mini-joints, perfect for the low-tolerance consumer, avoiding the waste of a half-smoked roach you don't really want to keep in your pocket.

On the otherside of this partnership, M Missoni is raiding the family's archive of un-used materials with sustainability in mind, recycling leftover yarn, patterns, fabric, and finishings to create a new line that includes inspiration from her Grandfather's sketches. Their new mission is 'Reuse, Remix, Respect', and we're really liking the transparency on their website, where they indicate which products have upcycled fabrics. 

Adding value-based ties to these collaborations creates a stronger sense of normalization in our minds, so we're excited to see what might come next. 

The News: Do I really need weed in my lipstick?

Well, you don't really need lipstick, darling!... but we do think cannabis is a promising ingredient in skincare. There is some preliminary research on its benefits, and you can read a little more about it here.
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Remember, watch for the signs...

- Emma & Carol
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