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Be Your OWN Valentine

Posted by Emma Baron on

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So is it weird that the official word of all that is edible in this fair land some call Canada, in its latest annual release this week focused its overhaul on plants, and did not include reference to edible cannabis. Is that weird?

The updated Canada Food Guide went heavy on fruits and veggies and light on meat and diary, which seems to cause quite a controversy, with CBC pointing out that perhaps the government had sided with the mostly millennial 10 percent of Canadians who are either vegetarian or vegan against Indigenous people and pretty much every ethnic group that eats white rice.

While some applauded the new release, the emphasis on whole grains might make it tough to swallow for those who prefer traditional Chinese dishes, Chinese-Canadian food writer Karon Liu told CBC.

"We've been eating white rice for how many tens of thousands of years? And, you know, how many billions of us are there in the world?" he asked, laughing and adding: "I actually tried to make the brown rice switch a few years ago on my healthy kick. Brown rice does not go with Chinese food, I can tell you that.”

Meanwhile, Nick Saul from Community Food Centres Canada argued in Macleans that poverty that makes the nutritious diet recommended by Ottawa out of reach for millions of Canadians and that decent living wages and fairer social benefits are the next steps to fixing this.

What do you think? Does Chinese food have to be accompanied by white rice? Can it taste as interesting with brown rice? 

We're looking at the release of the new food guide as another reminder to focus in on what makes us feel good and helps our bodies perform. The old food guide was problematic and the new food guide isn't perfect either, but what is important is to remember is that self-care and attention to our well-being is for everyone at every level.

Wellness and self-care are having a moment on Instagram and in pop culture. While it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking proper self-care means a photo performance in the perfect modern, minimalist bathroom with a bathtub filled with fresh rose petals and eucalyptus - it also means just taking a minute to give your feet a little rub before tucking into bed, or stopping by a friend's house for tea. Self-care is adaptable and so, so, so personal. You always deserve a little time for yourself. 

We really believe in me-time, so we built our Valentine's day contest around it! Don't miss it at the bottom of the newsletter.

Back to the food guide, wouldn't it have been fun and cheeky if they had at least joked about edibles in the food guide at the press conference?

It could have been a prime opportunity for the government to take a break from its ‘we only did it to get the criminals’ line and embrace its ‘we’re aware that this plant offers all manner of benefits and risks and we’re going to approach them all with an open mind’ vibe.

Y’know, there’s an election up out there in the near enough future. And we’re living in a tumultuous time. Just sayin’.



With the dump of snow that just hit Canada and the amount of hibernation that’s happening across the country, it’s time to turn your energy and appreciation to your houseplants. Those peace lilies, cacti, ferns and other pop plants du jour won’t make their own macremé owl wall hangings and taking good care of them now could make up for weeks of forgetfulness in the summer and ensue year-round health benefits.


When three become one - With one lone survivor, we had to take drastic measures and send the main palm tree culprit out to pasture. Creating space between your houseplants is one of the most important steps in conquering a pest invasion. Looks like it’s time to plant some seeds and invest in some real infrastructure. So far we’ve just been using a full spectrum light bulb that does an O.K. job of stimulating some growth - but really it’s meant for houseplants. To optimize growth and flowering, it may be time to look into a more serious LED bulb - something with dual band colour spectrum (red and blue at the same time).

Couple holding hands


With Valentine’s Day in recent years being hijacked by proclamations of all sorts of love beyond the romantic kind, we’re creating a Valentine’s Day draw for friends & lovers.

All you have to do to be in the running for a romantic gift that’s nice for one or two is follow our @milkweed_co Instagram page
, post your favourite picture of you and your partner or friends on Valentine’s day and tag us (#milkweedmoment & @milkweed_co) on or before February 14. We’ll draw a name from all entries to win a prize pack valued at over $100 (!), inspired by an old wedding rhyme that we're repurposing for self-love:

      "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."

Features a Vauxhall Gardens Bath Bomb (an old tried & true formula with locally grown botanicals), our new Match Striker design, an Ultraviolet Jar (top quality cannabis storage we've borrowed from ancient Egyptian innovations) and a vintage blue Czech Glass Ashtray. All you need to do is draw the hot water, for one or two - Oh! - and post that photo with tags to enter the contest.

Until next time,

Carolina and Emma

#MilkweedMoment Valentine's Day Prize Pack:

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