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An Ode to Butter

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - Popcorn by Hot Butter

One of the first pop hits to be played entirely on a synthesizer, this song was born out of the first Moog Quartet, and Popcorn was their encore track when touring. German artist Gershun Kingsley wrote this track and likened the simple melody to the work of Beethoven or Wagner, making the connection for people between classical and new musical technologies. This song makes for a great dance break while you're waiting for your timer to finish on dinner.
The Long Form - An Ode to Butter

Salted, unsalted, cultured, grass-fed, European, ghee, goat, sheep, infused... butter comes in many forms. With the cold weather coming in, we're using our free time in November to get really cozy with cannabutter, whipping up cookies for our swap and preserving some of that home grow goodness.

It's the tail end of outdoor growing season, and with many people growing for the first time this year, we're learning about interesting ways that people across Canada are preserving and sharing their home grown bounty. Cannabutter is a classic way to preserve cannabis, as it stores well in the freezer, and for quite a while in the fridge if you've been careful to remove any moisture that may have been added by your infusion process.

Turning your backyard plants into an infusion makes sense for a few reasons, especially if it's your first growing season. Firstly, you don't have to trim your flowers as tightly as you would for curing beautiful buds. Trimming can take a surprisingly long time, even if you've only grown four plants. While a few extra sugar leaves may add a bit of extra chlorophyll, you can easily get around that with the easy extra step of soaking and blanching. This cannabis chef trick helps to leach out some of the 'green' taste and thoroughly clean the cannabis, resulting lighter tasting edibles. You may want to add this step to your routine either way.

The other reason you may want to turn your home grow into cannabutter is somewhat related to the first: since it's your first grow, would it be fair to say that it's probably not your best work? Making butter is a good way to be proud of your flowers, whether or not they're prize-winners.

If you're looking for our recommendations on sweet edibles, check out our cookie swap newsletter from last week. This time around we'd like to focus on savoury options, check out some of our favourite ways to use cannabutter, below:
Butternut Pancakes with Crispy Sage Beurre Noisette
Recipe by Mimi Thorisson
Pancakes for dinner? Firstly, yes. Secondly, they can be savory? Well, now we feel like this was all very intentional and part of the weekly meal plan. Mimi's recipes are full of that bougie Euro charm of 'oh we just went for a drive down a country lane to the best chicken farmer in France, and the children frolicked in the fields while we shopped in the farm store...', but don't be intimidated, this is a delicious savoury recipe for your cannabutter. We recommend using half the amount of regular butter called for in the recipe to brown your sage. Once you've done the browning, add it to some *gently* melted cannabutter, so that you don't burn off all your cannabinoid goodness you worked so hard to preserve. 
Café de Paris Butter
Recipe by Nick Haddow
The thing about cannabutter in cookies and pastries is that it's not a typical flavour profile for sweets. Cannabis tastes very green and herbal - so why not work with what you've got and add in some extra herbs. A compound butter - whipped butter with delicious goodies added in - is part of a classic French steak frites, but it's equally tasty on top of some nicely cooked vegetables. Just replace as much regular butter with infused butter as you like in this recipe.
Parmesan Butter Pasta
Recipe by Heidi of FoodieCrush
Keep it simple by adding some fresh parsley or chives, a bit of white wine or vinegar, a splash or two of your pasta cooking water, a spoonful of some cannabutter, and a sprinkle of parmesan to your pasta noodles. A quick way to enjoy a savoury cannabis edible, you hardly even need a recipe or a trip to the grocery store to pull this one off.
The News

This week Californians are rolling their hipper-than-thou eyes at Canadians for the San Rafael cannabis brand. North of the 49th parallel, we pronounce it San 'Ra-fay-el', but apparently Californians have always called it San 'Ra-fell'. This feels a bit like a 'to-may-to' vs. 'to-mat-to' debate, no? To be fair, we'd probably be picking fights too, if we didn't have nationally legalized cannabis.
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- Emma & Carol
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