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All You Need Is Love?

Posted by Emma Baron on

Song of the Week - All You Need Is Love by The Beatles

This song was written for the very first ever global TV show in 1967, which aired on stations in 24 countries around the world.  The Beatles were asked to represent Britain in this 6 hour special, and the song needed to be 'understood by people of all nations'. Leave it to John Lennon to write something so universal from the bottom of all of our hearts.
The Long Form - All You Need Is Love?

     We make an effort to be positive, mostly, in this newsletter. We try to bring you the best, mostly, of humanity. Hopefully a little laugh, maybe you learn something new, or look at a subject in a different light. Not sure if it's the middle of winter blahs or the cannabis blahs or the dreaded Valentines Day Blahs™️, but we're doing our best to fight off the negativity today. 

We're known as winter enthusiasts, usually. You might find us on a pair of snowshoes in the middle of the Alps, wandering out after a Toronto ice storm to hunt for some cool pictures, skating at the Harbourfront rink, or ice fishing in Northern Ontario. So why are we down?

We've got the mid-winter blahs as it's been such a weird winter here in Toronto and across Canada. If you want to go play in the snow, you might as well go visit Newfoundland for 12 foot snowbanks and to snowboard off your nan's roof. If you were in Victoria in the middle of January, you could have made a snowman, which is not really something the citizens of Victoria like to brag about. Here in Toronto though, the snow hasn't really been lasting long enough to frolic. 

The other thing that's not lasting long enough to frolic are the new cannabis products. We've got a bit of the cannabis 2.0 blahs as there's just not enough of an product selection to get excited about yet. Sure, it's cool that there are a couple new things available, and it's amazing to finally have legal vape pens, but where the heck are the topicals?

Can't a girl get a condom-compatible, lab-tested lube already? Which leads us to the V-Day blahs. We're not boo-hooing about the lack of love in our lives, but the gross-o pink product vomit of consumerism everywhere. There's nothing we need, and not even anything we want. We're maybe just a little bitter about the lack of cannabis products and the generally sorta sad state of the industry right now...

But wait, here's where we flip it from the negative to the positive. Despite how crummy it may be right now, maybe all the cannabis industry needs is love. While there's a currently a storm of change happening and many large ships are struggling in the swells, there are also many little craft ships that are still safe in the harbour, not yet launched for their first voyages. The small craft enterprises are nearly ready to launch, though, as soon as their last details have been carefully considered.

Don't spend your money on those little heart shaped boxes of chocolate for Valentine's Day. Save it, and show your love that you truly care about them AND the future of the cannabis industry by seeking out the craft brands that are about to come out of the woodwork. All they'll need is a little love.
The News: Islands in the Stream

If you live on Campobello Island, NB, we hope you've got a green thumb, because getting cannabis through the mail is almost impossible due to a little inconvenience of geography. All deliveries from Canada Post make a quick pit stop in Maine, USA before their final delivery addresses, as the tiny island of 900 people is just a little bit closer to the US than Canada. While the Canadian Government had planned ahead and negotiated that legal cannabis from licensed producers should be able to pass through the border, US border patrol is on a power trip, searching through our mail anyway, and seizing cannabis shipments. Jerks.
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