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A Little Conversation

Posted by Emma Baron on

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Song of the Week - A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

A long-lost song, originally performed in 'Live a Little, Love a Little', a 1968 musical comedy film starring Elvis. While we're pretty sure this was written for a love scene, it's equally apt for conversations around a family dinner table during the holidays, ha. 
The Long Form - Around the Dinner Table

     Family and friends gather frequently this time of year. No matter how curmudgeonly (or festive) you may feel, chances are that you'll find yourself sharing at least one dinner in the company of more than just your cat or significant other. 

If you're the out-of-the-closet cannabis consumer in your circle, you may have noticed more questions have been broached on the subject this year, as the gen-pop begins to explore the new heights and losses of legal cannabis. Whether your dinner company is high on life or they were burned by weed stocks, we've noticed that it's a frequent subject of conversation.

In fact, in an interesting turn of events, the cannabis familiar are now treated a bit like stoner idiots AND the repository of information on all things pot-related. Delicious dinner party irony. You, your knowledge, and your ability to press conference your way through some wacky weed questions are what's literally (verbally?) changing the conversation around cannabis in a dining room near you.

Don't worry, we're here for you. We've rounded up some of the most popular cannabis news stories from 2019 and given you talking points on a range of cannabis subjects. All you gotta do is add in a bit of CBD to your consumption mix so that you can keep your cool while the questions start coming faster and (hopefully less) furious.
OmG HaVe YoU hEaRd of CBD!!?!?
My aunt / friend's cousin / the shortstop on my baseball team / my barista / my roommate's dog takes CBD oil and it's really helping them with their issues. What do you think? Will it help with my / my mom / my grandma / my cat's anxiety?

This can be a rabbit hole of a conversation with family where you might find the crowd siding as either non-believers or evangelists, so we like to remind the jury that the science is still out in the field determining what the most effective uses might be. There are some promising early studies around neuro-protection, tremors, and anxiety. Our best talking point on this subject is to remind people that not every drug works for every person. 

News stories in this category included Martha Stewart, CBD is a magic elixir, and CBD is at a pumpkin spice level of trendy.
What are you doing vaping, I heard that it's straight poison!
The Vaping Associated Pulmonary Injury story is all over the news right now, so it's very likely to come up in conversation. You get to teach your family some new vocabulary. Say it with me: a dry herb vaporizer is not a vape pen. Perhaps this is time for a little show-and-tell around the dinner table. What's reassuring for Canadians is to know that Health Canada tests every batch of product, so if your friends and family are buying vape pens from a legal retail establishment, they have no cause for concern.

News stories in this category included 2500 cases in the USA and Health Canada testing.
Did you hear that company got shut down?

This news theme may be a little less known to the average joe, but it's entirely possible that CannTrust's license suspension may come up in a discussion about the state of the industry. We find this subject to be one of the most interesting though - how does your dinner company feel about the illegality of the legacy market vs. CannTrust? Sure, legacy market operators are definitely doing something illegal, but CannTrust was making a mockery of the Licensed Producer system that we all paid a lot of tax dollars to create... 

News stories in this category included Fake Plastic Walls and Whoops, Hexo did it too.
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